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Citizen Science

eCLOSE is the first and only citizen science program for biomedicine.  Built on the three core elements 1) professional laboratory training for teachers and students 2) citizen science driven research and 3) a supportive network of scientists, students and teachers that empower students and teachers to advance through the levels of citizen science. This format pairs professional scientists with members of the community (students, teachers, and families) to produce research outcomes that drive discovery forward.

Learning Modules
Fruit Fly

Research Inclusion

Fruit flies, known by their scientific name as Drosophila melanogaster, are the model organism of choice for current eCLOSE projects. Every data point generated by participants WILL BE USED for ongoing cancer research projects. Collecting participant’s experimental findings into collaborative databases provides exceptional opportunities for interactions between student researchers and their peers or scientific and teacher mentors. Data generated by students may be used in research publications.  If student data is included in a publication, they will be acknowledged for their contribution by authorship on the publication.

PRograms - Research Inclusion Concept Map
Practicing Poster Talks

eCLOSE Programs

eCLOSE Citizen Science programs begin with the teachers

eCLOSE in the Classroom

eCLOSE Citizen Science Grows with the Students

Students conduct genetic screens in classroom laboratories to identify nutrients that impact cancer signaling, using fruit flies as a model system. Classroom projects focus on cultural relevance, cancer and health disparities, critical lab skills, hypothesis generation, data collections and interpretation, and presentation of results in a professional conference format. This program generates thousands of educational and biological data points for use by researchers in their primary work.

eCLOSE Classroom is now available on a learning platform! Let expert eCLOSE Instructors support your students to conduct research in your Biology, Environmental Science, or Anatomy and Physiology class!

Programs - Classroom, Lincoln Dyson

eCLOSE in the Summer

Students attend eCLOSE camps at host colleges and universities, while learning advanced experimental skills and application of mathematics to laboratory problems, students advance projects initiated in classroom eCLOSE programs. eCLOSE camp instructional teams  focus students on gaining independence and facilitate collaborative work. Participants work in pairs and quads working with both lead instructors and peer teaching assistants to enhance laboratory research knowledge and skills. Participants present posters, in pairs, at an end-of-week event attended by host faculty, family, friends, and the eCLOSE community.

Programs - eCLOSE Esperanza Camp
Programs - eCLOSE Penn & MCCC Camps