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eCLOSE trains you to become a scientist.  4 increasingly advanced programs provide research skills that enhance your ability to ask important questions, solve problems, communicate scientific discoveries and build a career support network – preparing you for ANY career.

Past Participants

Danielle Talbot

Pursuing a STEM research career

Double QuoteeCLOSE gave me my first real hands on research experience. It allowed me to ask questions, take risks, and be scientifically challenged in a new way that just kept me coming back for more. eClose launched me head first onto a career path. If it wasn’t for eClose, I don’t know where I would be now but I do know my life would look very different and I definitely would not be heading to a graduate program for a PhD in the fall.”

Danielle Talbot
Raj Madhani

Raj Madhani

Pursuing a non-research career

Double QuoteeClose’s experience has opened doors for me, even 6 years after participating in the program, so much so that I was able to get a full scholarship to medical school. eClose is spearheading a revolution in the way high school labs and science students learn. Crowdsourcing real, complex projects to high schoolers throughout the tristate area not only provides aspiring scientists experience to a career in research but also increases the chance of scientific discovery in a field that desperately needs to find a cure.”

What Do I Get for Participating?

Lab Skills

Gain experience with professional laboratory tools.

Lab Experience

Cultural Connection

What foods does your family use to promote health? Share with us! Our goal is to test how culturally important diets might help patients with cancer.

Students - Cultural Connection


Do you have a question about how cancer works or an idea of how to improve treatment?  Maybe a puzzling treatment you have heard about that you would like to explore further? eCLOSE teaches you to identify your own research questions, develop hypotheses, collect experimental data and communicate your results. 

Student Ownership


eCLOSE isn’t just a place, it’s a concept- scientists, teachers, and students link ideas and experiments to drive cancer research forward.  Join our community! Become a part of a powerful network that provides mentoring, leadership skills, teaching experience, and support throughout your career trajectory.

Student Community

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